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Battlefield 1943 Details

Battlefield 1943, shown off at the New York Comic Con, is the newest addition to the Battlefield series. Taking place in World War 2, Battlefield 1943 gives the player three maps to enjoy with 24 players, a small, but surprisingly action-packed 12 versus 12 battle for survival. Players can choose to play as either a soldier of the U.S. Marines or a soldier of the Japanese Imperial Army.

In previous installments to the Battlefield series, players could choose from up to four different classes, but in 1943, players have the choice of up to three different classes, or kits. The first class, Riflemen, is best known for its mid-range weapons and abilities. The second class, Infantry, caters to the short-range, more run-and-gun type player. Using short-range weapons, Infantry players can battle in close-quarters combat with the opposing players. The infantry load-out also includes anti-tank/vehicle weapons such as a Bazooka to take down the pesky vehicles. The third and final class in Battlefield 1943 is for the long-range sniper oriented player. Named Scout, it includes Sniper Rifles and other various long-range weapons. Scouts also are equipped with demolition weapons, but it is unexplained as to which exact weapons these will be.

Battlefield 1943 will include one game mode titled Conquest. Originating from its former Battlefield counterparts, 1943 utilizes the flag-capture mode to gain territory and spawn points closer to the enemy. The game indicates which flag is the players by the color blue, and indicates the enemies’ flag by the color red. Unlike Battlefield Bad Company where “Double Assault” mode in which players could capture all the flags was used, 1943 features “Head-On Assault”, where each team has a locked base which cannot be captured.

Bomb Dropping from Rear View

Bomb Dropping from Rear View

Many changes have been made from Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield 1943, including the addition of parachutes. Bridges can also be blown-out, meaning you can blow up bridges to stop an oncoming enemy, but they can also find another route around to the other side. Also, Gordon Van Dyke of DICE Studios states “If you have played Battlefield 1942, you will recognize the maps included in the game, but also notice the many changes that have happened to them over the time between the two games.” Battlefield 1943 will also introduce a new form of game play, unlimited ammo and rechargeable health means no medics or support classes needed giving a reason for only being three classes in the game (stated above). The game will not feature any unlocks meaning that every player will have every weapon unlocked for them at the beginning of the game.

The mini-map, included in all previous installments of the Battlefield series did not appear in the pre-alpha build shown off at the NYCC, but is said to be added into the game by the time of its release. The spawn-in map shown at the beginning of the game is where the player can pick his or her class and choose a place to spawn in (represented by a flag). There are two systems for choosing a spawn-point, one named “Front-Lines System” in which the game automatically spawns the character in the middle of the action, while there is the “Regular Choice Spawn” in which players can choose where they spawn.

Classes and Spawn-In

Classes and Spawn-In

Battlefield 1943 will feature the Frostbite Engine used by EA and DICE for Battlefield Bad Company, and will be released as a download-only game on Playstation Network (PSN), Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), and the PC.


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  1. Nice to see a classic game getting butchered thsnks to consoles and people who cant play…. 1942 was about the game play and the 64player huge maps requiring teamwork in order to take down the other team, not one player taking on a whole damn army single-handedly

    Comment by Moffatt | February 8, 2009

  2. That doesn’t make much sense. If you can kill 16 players singlehandedly, then they obviously deserve it O_O. I mean, if I could go spraying with a tommy gun and win then I’d say it’s fair. I definitely wouldn’t say this is butchering 1942, considering I’ve enjoyed that on my computer as well as Bad Company on my xbox.

    Comment by Peruvian Pie | February 21, 2009

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