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Microsoft Opening New Line of Stores [UPDATE:] What items can you find?

To take on the success of its competitors, Microsoft last week announced it will open its own line of stores.

Of course, Microsoft has not made specific what exactly will be sold or featured in the store, but we can predict a couple of items such as Windows, Xbox items, Windows applications, and video games.

One thing that Microsoft did announce however is David Porter, a former executive at Dreamworks will be taking the head position of the division. David Porter has also worked for 17 years as President of the Wal-Mart entertainment division.

Microsoft has already opened one private facility titled the “Microsoft Retail Experience Center” in January 2009 to fulfill the goal to test innovative retail technology. Check the video below for a detailed view and interview of Microsofts new exciting retail chain.


In the video above, Microsoft gives a view of the Microsoft retail facility. I have taken some still shots of items that I saw in the video:

Laptops anyone?

Laptops anyone?

Choose between a million different SKUs of Windows!

Choose between a million different SKU's of Windows!

Xbox 360s ready for your living room

Xbox 360's ready for your living room

Need a new Monitor?

Need a new Monitor?

Can you find the items in the background?:

What I have found:

  1. Xbox 360 games
  2. Platinum Hits
  3. Zune
  4. Windows Software
  5. Latops
  6. Games for Windows

Can you find anything else?

Microsoft has implemented some solid sale features such as the Television to help you find a specific item, to the Shopping Cart to help you shop with a virtual shopping list and prices very similar to those that you would find online:


February 15, 2009 - Posted by | Microsoft, PC, Xbox 360


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