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New Gears of War 2 Update Inbound

Gears of War 2, one of the hottest releases of last year, and it still has its share of multiplayer problems. Why must we anticipate these great games, buy them at midnight, and pop them in for a little multiplayer session only to get lag and glitches? Hopefully this incoming patch will fix most of the problems we have been dealing with since day one.

The new update, scheduled for March 24th, will be plentiful of fixes:

  • Offering a new ranking system based on experience, players get 100 levels of experience levels to play to, which you can gain through experience earned in public matches. Don’t worry though, the TrueSkill feature is still utilized to set up the most competitive matches possible, but skill ranks are now hidden. Players who decide to leave a match early will be docked experience as a penalty.
  • A new autobalance feature creates bots to replace a player when one leaves early.
  • Several improvements include region preference for matchmaking, playlist optimization, and nine new achievements that require the new Snowblind Map Pack.
  • Exploit fixes include the ability to mantle greater distances by swapping weapons during cover slide and to melee attack through walls while holding an enemy weapon, plus adding many more fixes.
  • New fixes include more reliable chainsaw interruption detection, better headshot tracking for certain character models, improved flag AI in Submission games, and more.
  • New balance fixes for Subway weapon spawns, smoke grenade stun duration, an increase to the forward angle that triggers chainsaw duels, and several other balance revisions.

To see the full list of title updates, visit the Gears of War 2 Official Site.


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