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God of War 3 is too Brutal for the Internet

The God of War series, known for its strong gameplay and in-depth storyline, has always had a brutal-feeling to it. While showing God of War 3 in Santa Monica, the developers stated “Some of these scenes are so violent, they are never going on the internet – at least, not by us.  They’re just not appropriate for some audiences.”

A new feature called “Zipper Technology” revealed by Sony Santa Monica was shown off at the event. What the new technology enables enemies to be sliced, or cut open, realistically. It also allows internal organs to “pour” out as they would in real life depending on the severity of the cut. The Official Playstation Magazine published details on seeing Kratos cut open a centaur, with the stomach, guts, and internal intestines oozing out of the wailing beast.

God of War 3 will turn away the easily-sickened, and attract the blood and gore gamers. With all of these little add-ons and features, how far will God of War 3 push the PS3?


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