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MAG only possible on PS3

In a recent conversation with VG247, SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller stated that their upcoming MMO shooter MAG is only possible on the PlayStation 3.

“If you look at that competitively, it’s something that’s only possible on PS3. The processor speed, the ability of PS3 to showcase 256 players at any given time, and their actions.” said Koller at last week’s GDC, referring to their SCEA’s upcoming game MAG.

MAG was first announced at last year’s E3, shown at the end of Sony’s press conference. MAG not only is an impressive game to be on a console, but also the first game to feature up to 256 players on screen on a console. It is truly an accomplishment in technology to be able to feature all of the actions and features that 256 players can create on screen with no lag. Hopefully we get to see more of this amazing game at this year’s Sony E3 press conference.


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