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Prototype Landing June 9th

Activision’s new open-world game, Prototype, will indeed be landing on store shelves this coming June.

Taking place in a fictional New York City, Alex Mercer is caught in a battle between the military, the monsters, and himself. Alex Mercer has the ability to shapeshift and consume his enemies, while fighting in the beautifully recreated city that is New York. Alex can run at high speeds of around 60 MPH, flipping cars with little-to-no effort, and leaping great distances.

Little is known about the background of Alex Mercer, except he has a brother named Brian, and a sister named Dana. Alex formerly worked as a scientist for a fictional company named GENTEK before he was used as a test lab rat. Dana Mercer, a journalist, is busy researching GENTEK for traces of what happened to Alex.

Prototype lands June 9th!

Some videos and screens are included below.

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