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Xbox 360 Community unlocks Coral Sea Map from Battlefield 1943

After six days of non-stop gaming on the Xbox 360s version of Battlefield 1943, the Xbox community has unlocked the Coral Sea map.

Having achieved 43 Million kills, the Xbox 360 community has made a major achievement together. They get the Coral Sea map, which features mainly dog fighting between airplanes on both sides of the game.

There is a trailer featuring the new map, and here is a release by Electronic Arts and Dice, creators of Battlefield 1943, about the new map:

Coral Sea is the ultimate online multiplayer dog fighting map ever released! With two aircraft carriers supplying your team with all the F4U and Zero fighters you’ll need as your conquest to control the skies and make your place in history as an Ace Pilot of Battlefield 1943. Use the volcanic island terrain to your advantage and flank your enemies or weave in and out of the low arches to avoid enemy fire. Stay with your wingman, practice the Thach Weave, and soon you’ll dominate the skies of the Pacific! The choice is yours once you’ve helped achieve the 43,000,000 kills.

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1 Comment »

  1. man they got that fast

    i wish i had a 360 so i could get in on that dogfighting action

    Comment by josephmeehan | July 15, 2009

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