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When you think of a Princess, does she eat a ton of cake? Normally no, but with Sony Online Entertainment’s new downloadable game Fat Princess, that thought can finally be fulfilled. Fat Princess combines cake and medieval castles to provide fun community gameplay to owners of the PlayStation 3.

Fat Princess places the player on a team of up to 16 soldiers fighting for their beloved Princess whom is captured and being held by the opposing team in their castle. Of course, if this gameplay doesn’t sound appealing to the player, Fat Princess offers the standard team-deathmatch mode.

When playing Princess Mode, players have to rescue their teams captured Princess in their opponents castle. Cake is grown outside the castle, which players can pick up and force-feed the opposing Princess in order to make her heavier, resulting in a slower return to the rescuers castle.

PlayStation 3 owners can purchase Fat Princess on the PlayStation Network store for $14.99 this coming Thursday, July 30.


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  1. That looks like a really cool game 😛

    Comment by Johnie | July 28, 2009

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