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Need For Speed Nitro races onto shelves Nov. 17

Electronic Arts will release their upcoming racer on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii this November 17th.  Nitro is designed to offer “fun and intense competition for every type of gamer”, and is specifically made for the casual-gamer side rather than the hardcore-gamer fan base. This new addition to the Need for Speed series adds the police to the scene to make it just a little bit harder for you to finish your race. Too bad there is no Dunkin’ Donuts to use as bait!

There are different race types in Nitro, such as circuit, sprints, and knockout. Races feature up to 12 players, and have many feature icons such as repairs for your car, or increasing an opponent’s wanted level.

Need for Speed: Nitro is being developed by EA Montreal, and will hit stores on November 17th for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Nitro is currently priced for preorder at $39.9, but is subject to change.


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Black Nintendo Wii Can’t See America

More depressing news for those of us in America, no Black version of the Nintendo Wii for the United States.

After a Nintendo rep informed GameDaily, it appears that the only possible way to lay our hands on the new look to Nintendo’s popular console is to get it from Japan.

GameDaily reports:

We contacted a Nintendo representative as to when and if this sexy system will arrive Stateside, and he says there are “no plans to have other colors of Wii in the U.S.”

So why a reason for this? No statement was given, but one can see that it could possibly be a scheme developed by the high-ups at Nintendo to give the new version some sort of hype so that when they do announce it, the console sells well.

What are your thoughts?

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Black Nintendo Wii Box Is Bringing Sexy Back

Well with so many consumers having already purchased their white Nintendo Wii and matching controllers, Nintendo has finally cut demand down to a reasonable amount so they can start rolling out the different colors of their high selling console.

The next edition to be produced is the color black, which makes the Nintendo Wii standout in a stylish way.

So the console looks amazing, but what about the controllers?

Sexy as usual.

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Nintendo Wii has a new Storage Solution… SD Cards

Nintendo has been very quiet the first two days of the Game Developers Conference 2009 in San Fransic0, California. Why was Nintendo holding their secret unveilings till Wednesday the 25th of March? March 25th was when Satoru Iwata was scheduled to make his GDC 09 keynote. So since the keynote is now over, news and details have emerged.

First up today for Nintendo is a new storage solution for their number one console on the market, the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii has left Nintendo fans worried about the limited amount of games and downloads that could be stored on their 512 megabyte flash drives included in the system. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore with Nintendo releasing the Wii’s next firmware/menu update “Wii System Menu 4.0”, enabling high capacity (SDHD) cards to be able to save and store games on.

Nintendo President Announces Wii Storage Solution, New Zelda Game and 50 Million
Global Wii Shipment
March 25, 2009
Nintendo President Announces Wii Storage Solution

As the library of downloadable WiiWare and Virtual Console™
games continues to grow, Wii owners have asked Nintendo to provide
easy, expanded storage space. Starting today, Wii owners will be able
to save downloaded WiiWare, Virtual Console video games, and Channels
directly to High Capacity SD cards, in addition to SD memory cards. To
play games that have been saved to SD cards, consumers will be able to
select and launch them from an SD Menu icon on the Wii Menu. (Note
that when launching games or channels from an SD card, an equivalent
amount of internal Wii memory is required. To clear space from the
internal memory, users can transfer games or channels from the Wii
Menu to the SD card). This feature is included in the latest
version of the Wii System Menu Update, which owners will receive
immediately after performing a system update today.

Gamers will be glad to have that additional storage space, as the
Virtual Console will expand to include the arcade versions of classic
third-party games like STARFORCE by Tecmo Ltd., and Mappy,
Gaplus and Tower of Druaga by Namco Bandai Games Inc.
starting today.


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