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GamesCom 2009 – Modern Warfare 2 Leaked Gameplay Footage

While we don’t condone leaked footage, we certainly don’t mind when it appears on the internet. One of the many in attendance at the Modern Warfare 2 gameplay session has taken a risk to record the gameplay and leak it onto the internet. So, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the leaked game play below.

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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Modern Warfare 2 fans will be pleased with the trailer below released by Infinity Ward on YouTube which shows multiplayer gameplay. This is hot! Enjoy.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Prestige Edition Revealed

A video uploaded by Infinity Ward on Youtube features its Community Manager Robert Bowling (FourZeroTwo) unboxing the three different editions of the upcoming game Modern Warfare 2.

Sitting at a table, Fourzerotwo details the three versions, a regular “Standard” game box, the “Hardened” edition, and the “Prestige” edition. The “Hardened” edition is considered to be a standard collectors edition, while the “Prestige” edition is a limited edition-type version.

The Prestige edition includes night vision goggles for those of you who have trouble seeing in the night, or just think its cool to walk around with big goggles on your head.

Enjoy the video below.

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E3 09:Microsoft E3 Press Conference reveals Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

Modern Warfare 2
With almost everyone expecting to see Infinity Ward’s hot title Modern Warfare 2, its no surprise that Microsoft debuted Modern Warfare 2’s first gameplay at their E3 2009 conference today.

After Jason West of Infinity Ward appeared on-stage it was down to business, starting up Modern Warfare 2, and showing the first ever gameplay to the public. Starting off on the side of a cliff with a familiar face, “Soap” McTavish guides you across a thin ledge. Soap digs his picks into the side of the mountain and starts to climb, signaling for you to follow. Once at the top, McTavish nearly slips when a plane flies overhead but manages to pull himself over the edge.

Gamespot UK’s Guy Cocker states “The level of detail was incredible: The ice cracks under pressure as you plunge in your hook, and your clothing blows in the vicious mountain winds.”

The game skips to a snowy naval base in which the player has an interesting weapon new to the series. With an attached radar to seek out enemies, the player can use his gun to navigate and seek out enemies in an already minimal-visibility setting.

McTavish instructs you to plant C4 on the fueling station and let it blow. As soon as the explosion is seen, enemies chase you and McTavish out with snowmobiles. McTavish makes a great move and uses a knife to steal an oncoming enemy on a snowmobile, with which both of you grab a snowmobile a head down the hill. While on the snowmobile, you have the option to use a semiautomatic pistol to shoot enemies while driving.

With Modern Warfare 2 looking very impressive so far, what can we expect the final product to look and play like?

Microsoft also announced that two Modern Warfare 2 map packs will arrive first for a time-exclusive on Xbox Live, and the Playstation 3 and PC(maybe) will have to wait for their share.

[VIA: Gamespot]

Here is the first trailer debuted a few weeks ago:

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